Director Profile

Dr.S.P Bhattacharyya
Pandaveswar school of Pharmacy

Dr Bhattacharyya is an academic Leader and Professor with a rich experience (Academic and Administration) and a strong record of contributions in invigorating educational institutions through innovations and streamlining operations preferably in the position for Academic & Administrative role.

Dr Bhattacharyya is Having 15 years of experience out of 6 years involved with Research & Training. Associated as Financial Advisor with many Pharmaceutical Plants in India. Delivered lecture as Guest Faculty in Sun Pharmacetical Ltd, Glenmark Pharmaceutical Ltd, Lupin Pharma, Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd, Zydus Health Care Ltd, Sikkim Monipal Institute of Technology. Very knowledgeable and skilled learning & development specialist with excellent interpersonal skill & strong skills in designing and implementing training and educational program. Remarkable experience in training evaluation methodology. Amazing ability to analyze problems. Outstanding ability to manage independently and in a team. Proficient in creating a challenging & innovative teaching / learning atmosphere which empowers the active learner

Dr Bhattacharyya has Gained insightful experience in managing the functions pertaining to complete training & development, placement & industry collaboration, guiding students in project, delivering various seminars and presentations and so on. Efficient organizer, motivator, team player and a decisive leader with skills in motivating students to excel & win. Experience & skills in developing curriculum to accommodate different learning styles & maximizing students’ comprehension; participated in various Workshops, Trainings & Seminars. Proactive in working with the administration in facilitating intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication Successful in establishing and implementing program review and outcome assessment criteria, standards, systems, and procedures; integrating the same into future institutional planning with an objective of accomplishing institutional vision and mission